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Permanent make-up in terms of medicine

22 January 2018

If you are a permanent makeup artist who is always striving to become better, then this workshop is for you! We invite you to visit the unique workshop “Permanent make-up from a medical point of view.” You will learn the basic medical aspects of permanent makeup.


1. Skin construction. The depth of the pigment.

2. Skin types and features of work on them:

  • Oily skin
  • Normal skin
  • Dry skin
  • Combination skin
  • Anti-age skin

3. Vessels in our skin. Their location and their effect on the color of the pigment.

4. Absolute and relative contraindications in PM. And how they affect the pigment residue.

5. History taking. Information agreement. Inalienable action of the master on PM.

6. Pre-treatment care. Why is this needed?

7. The rules for conducting PM from start to finish.

8. Is it possible to do PM for diabetes, hepatitis and cancer patients?

9. How to protect yourself and the client during the procedure.

10. Is it possible to get infected by tattooing? Aseptic and antiseptic.

11. The tandem of a cosmetologist and a line surgeon. What to do first tattoo or filler, tattoo or botox.

12. Features of work with Fordyce granules, scars, scars, pigmentation, cleft lip

13. Work on anti-age skin. Indications and contraindications.

14. Patient care after the procedure. Vaseline or Aevit?

15. The consequences of improper operation with a remover and a neodymium laser.

Address: st. Julius Fucik 13

? Phone for recording: (067) 402 49 57

? Seminar cost 1000 UAH

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