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    Course duration

    1 day

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    About course

    Course Description

    Chiroplastic massage is an individual training for cosmetologists who want and are ready to expand their range of services, providing their clients with not only cosmetic care and injection procedures, but also massages for rejuvenation.

    This course is especially suitable for cosmetologists who do not have nya medical education, as this technique provides rejuvenation and lifting without injections, hardware cosmetology and surgical interventions.

    Expanding your knowledge and skills, you become a specialist with a reputation and regular customers who will profit your business and promote your name.

    How can we help you become a sought-after specialist?

    Send an application from this page, wait for the call of our manager, who will fully advise you on training. Do not wait until time passes. Get started now!

    *Discounts on the first starting purchase for Kosmotrade graduates

    Also for Kosmotrade graduates there are special prices for further education

    Upon completion of the course

    Диплом Бьюти Бизнес-Школы Космотрейд

    Course program

    Модуль 1

    Теоретическая часть

    1. Обзорный мастер-класс.
    2. Теория массажа, методический материал.
    3. Основные показания и противопоказания.
    4. Методика проведения.
    5. Основные приемы.
    6. Построение индивидуальной схемы работы.

    Модуль 2

    Практическая часть

    1. Мастер-класс.
    2. Отработка навыков массажа на моделях.


    How we teach

    Always online - full support

    Every novice master can be trained and get the necessary skills and abilities to work, you need to sign up for classes in Kyiv or Odessa for this



    15 July 2020

    I have been waiting for this course for a long time !!! Thank you very much for always hearing your customers and finding such a great approach to everyone !!!) I look forward to meeting you !!!