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COURSE | Shugaring

Course duration

1 day

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About course

Course Description

Learn to do depilation in 1 day using the shugaring method! Give yourself a new interesting and highly paid profession! Sign up for a course right now. You can take the course individually or in a mini-group of no more than 4 people. Learn at a time/day convenient for you!

You do not need any special medical education to take the course and work.

The course includes 2 hours of theory, a workshop and testing on models of all zones: arms, legs, armpit, bikini area, above the upper lip. Additionally, at your request, you can master the techniques of male depilation. Moreover, you can master the techniques of male depilation at your request. For practical skills’ testing, models are provided by the school. In addition, you are provided with everything you need: teaching aids, wax and sugar paste, supplies for training. You only need to have a medical gown (available at school) or a suit and replaceable shoes.

Our courses are conducted exclusively by practitioners. Teachers being aware of how to teach and enjoy their profession. If necessary, support and advising are provided after training.

You can master two methods of depilation immediately – shugaring and waxing – on the “Depilation course from alpha to omega”course.

Our graduates are successfully employed, as our school has a reputation as both strong and reliable school in the market for the beauty industry. Please note that in the “Recruiting Agency” section a job can be hidden or a resume can be posted.

Change your life for the better with the Cosmotrade Beauty Business School!

*Discounts on the first starting purchase for Kosmotrade graduates

Also for Kosmotrade graduates there are special prices for further education

Upon completion of the course

Диплом Бьюти Бизнес-Школы Космотрейд

Course program

Модуль 1

Теоретическая часть

  1. Введение – что такое сахарная паста?
  • виды паст
  • рецептура
  • характеристики и свойства
  1. История пасты и ее происхождение.
  2. Различия в методах эпиляции:
  • эпиляция воском
  • шугаринг
  • преимущества шугаринга
  1. Описание теории правил процедур:
  • подготовка к эпиляции
  • методики подготовки пасты
  • применяемые техники эпиляции
  • после применения пасты

Модуль 2

Практическая часть

  1. Обучение подготовки пасты на практике.
  2. Практическое обучение использования пасты для эпиляции в зонах:
  • усики
  • подмышечные впадины
  • руки
  • ноги
  • интим зоны

Теги: обучение шугарингу Киев, мастер класс по шугарингу, шугаринг обучение киев

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How we teach

Always online - full support

Every novice master can be trained and get the necessary skills and abilities to work, you need to sign up for classes in Kyiv or Odessa for this



5 October 2020

I have been waiting for this course for a long time !!! Thank you very much for always hearing your customers and finding such a great approach to everyone !!!) I look forward to meeting you !!!