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    1 day

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    What to do when skin care procedures cease to give previous results, and is it too early to go on surgery?
    You will receive the answer to this question at our WORKSHOP-PRACTICUM!
    !!!Be careful!!! After all, we have prepared a lot of useful information:

    1. Basic requests of cosmetological patients

    2. What are the patients ready to fulfill their requests

    3. Individual methodology choice

    4. The ratio of the effect duration of the procedure and the rehabilitation period

    5. Algorithm for reducing the risk of allergic reactions and adverse events:

    • medical history (somatic status)
    • cosmetic history
    • soft tissue research methods (ultrasound examination of previously implanted materials)

    6. The diagnostic minimum of the patient at the beautician’s appointment:

    • skin type
    • Fitzaptrick Phototype
    • face isotype (form)
    • type of muscle activity
    • aging morphotype
    • degree of gravitational ptosis

    7. Anatomy of aging:

    • stages of age-related changes
    • anatomical aging signs
    • classification of wrinkles and degrees of gravitational ptosis
    • proportions of an aging face

    Lunch break

    8. Work in difficult areas: choosing the best technique

    Upper third of the face:

    • Anatomy
    • Correction of the horizontal forehead and vertical eyebrow wrinkles

    An average third of a person:

    • Anatomy
    • Correction of the periorbital, temporal zygomatic zone of the HA and HAC, hardware techniques, surgery

    Lower face third:

    • Anatomy
    • Facial oval restoration: hardware procedures, botulinum therapy, thread lifting

    Neck and Neckline:

    • Anatomy
    • Work with sagging skin (hardware procedures, revitalization, stimulation of HAC in meso-breeding)


    • Anatomy
    • Priority techniques for this zone (GK, GAK)

    9. Scheme of cosmetology correction of age-related changes in different levels of facial soft tissues

    10. Overview of brands represented in the domestic market: toxins, threads

    Coffee pause

    11. Demonstration of models’ methods – volumetric modeling with drugs

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    Course program

    1 day

    Theoretical part



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    15 July 2020

    I have been waiting for this course for a long time !!! Thank you very much for always hearing your customers and finding such a great approach to everyone !!!) I look forward to meeting you !!!