Beautician: training and continuing education

High salaries, credibility among clients, career growth – every self-respecting specialist strives for them. However, desires are different. Someone focuses on advertising, considering it the only engine. Someone works seven days a week, considering this a win-win enrichment option. And someone has mastered time management and finds time to study without problems, which becomes an excellent base for a decent salary, for popularity among clients, and for professional growth. Who is a beautician? This profession is multifaceted like a diamond. However, as you know, before a diamond turns into a diamond, it is necessary to work with it. So, a beautician is primarily a doctor. But taking into account that a comprehensive approach is welcomed in cosmetology, it should be guided not only in cosmetology, but also in gastroenterology, endocrinology, dermatology, and therapy. Knowledge of psychology will help in communication with the client, which is part of a successful procedure. There is another side of the cosmetologist profession – creative. Most cosmetologists believe that the creative approach is quite closely adjacent to the medical protocol of the cosmetologist. After all, beauty cannot be created from a pattern. The individual characteristics of the body and appearance are taken into account in any branch of cosmetology, whether it is hardware cosmetology, injection, peeling, etc. Are all masters of a beauty salon equally good? No! No! And again no! The level of professionalism of a cosmetologist depends on many factors.

The first of these is basic education. This is the very foundation on whose quality the quality of the built walls depends.

The second is personality characteristics. Professionalism depends on the level of work on oneself, on the degree of motivation, and on the ability to discipline oneself.

The third is the status of a beauty salon or clinic. Agree, it is difficult to imagine a low-grade beauty salon and a highly qualified cosmetologist in it. As a rule, with an increase in the professionalism of a specialist, the institution in which he works also goes to increase. If the level of the institution remains the same, then you need to think about whether to stay in this salon or whether it makes sense to change it to a more progressive one.

The fourth is the appearance, which is the visiting card of a cosmetologist. Therefore, neatness, accuracy, ability to communicate with people – these are the qualities without which it is difficult to imagine a successful specialist.

Fifth – regular training. To date, the beauty industry and all professions in it are rapidly developing. Therefore, in order to at least be in the subject, it is not enough to maintain the level of knowledge, it is necessary to increase it, daily and hourly.

To date, the “Cosmotrade” Beauty School offers all kinds of training in cosmetology: from basic to narrow-profile. It is important to take into account and realize that without training, without taking on the experience of colleagues, neither a cosmetologist, nor a stylist, nor a master of a beauty salon will reach the desired heights. It is almost impossible to discover new horizons for yourself.

Continuing education of cosmetologists.

Cosmetology is an extensive specialty that affects all aspects of beauty. The greatest demand today is injection cosmetology. Therefore, to keep abreast of its methods, preparations, professional secrets and subtleties, it is necessary to keep a finger on the pulse of training courses for cosmetologists. After all, their successful passage will allow you to reach a higher level of customer service. A brilliant theoretical base and sophisticated practical skills are mandatory components of a cosmetologist’s competence. Without securing the support of one of these components, the specialist is not in demand at best, and at worst will harm the health of the client. Contour plastic surgery, biorevitalization, mesotherapy are three whales on which an array of injection cosmetology rests. Therefore, pay sufficient attention to the study of these techniques and you will have professional happiness.

How to choose a master’s training school?

As a rule, at the dawn of a career, specialists choose a training event in the price segment. In addition, at the beginning of a professional career, almost every training event can become a grain. Each year, this hunger dulls, the specialist becomes more selective about the topic of training, its speakers, as favorite speakers begin to appear. But still, when choosing training in the beauty industry, there are several important aspects. We’ll talk about them.

  1. Choose a beauty business school, not a training company or coach. School is a name, it is an authority, it is a worthy organization, it is a guarantee of the relevance and reliability of the information taught.
  2. Make sure you have accreditation, a license or any other certificate confirming the status of the institution and the professionalism of its teachers.
  3. Check out the ratings and reviews of both the school and its teachers. This will help to weed out some options or vice versa to focus on several applicants.
  4. Study the training event program. The course program should be publicly available. Take an interest!
  5. Pay attention to the personality of the speakers. They should have a name and it is better if the teacher has a narrower profile, this indicates the depth of his knowledge. Remember! One teacher, albeit a very qualified one, cannot and should not independently conduct one training event. A group of teachers will provide more useful and more versatile information. Learn! Learn! And study again! This is a true growth vector for both professional and financial.