Ink-Technique & Med-Color

Extremely soon! An international tandem of true permanent makeup professionals from Ukraine and Belarus at Beauty Business School Cosmotrade! February 5, we invite you to a unique workshop on colorization and pigmentology in permanent makeup!

Workshop speakers: Alesya Khokhlova and Olga Savchuk

▪ Alesya Khokhlova: (Millecenta) – artist, master teacher of permanent makeup and tattoo art; – Founder of the School-Studio of Permanent Makeup and Artistic Tattoo MILLECENTA (; �- author of the unique technique “5-step system of teaching permanent makeup”; – author of the training system INK-JECT-TECHNIQUE: INK-TECHNIQUE – work with color in permanent makeup; INJECT-TECHNIQUE – putting coloristic knowledge into practice – Speed ​​+ Simplicity = Result.

▪ Olga Savchuk – a leading specialist of Beauty Business School of Kosmotrade on permanent makeup and microblading – the creator of the unique program “Medical Aspects in Permanent Makeup” – a sought-after specialist abroad in the practice of permanent makeup, microblading and laser technology


▪ Alesya Khokhlov:

  1. Skin pigment. How to find out the secret of skin pigment. What determines the color of the skin.
  2. Skin tone and tone. (Termometer). The location of blood vessels in our skin, what they affect in terms of cosmetology and the art of permanent makeup. (Termometer) Hidden vessels. Weeds at work. How to be
  3. Classification of pigments. Subtone of pigment. Secrets of the best masters practice.
  4. Coloring. Itten circle. Complementary circle.
  5. Skin pigment + pigment undertone. Results of work in practice. (Termometer) (show in practice on slides with photos)
  6. Medical aspects in PM

▪ Olga Savchuk:

  1. Skin pigment. The most important skin pigments.
  2. What determines the color of the skin, hair and eye color. The effect of skin color on the final result in PM.
  3. The location of blood vessels in our skin. The influence of the location of blood vessels on the future color of the pigment. Rosacea is a chronic vascular disease of the facial skin vessels. Features of the PM procedure. Rehabilitation after the procedure.
  4. Correct determination of skin tone and tone. Change of color of pigment due to its various refractions under the epidermis. Skin pigment + pigment undertone. The result of work in practice.
  5. Errors in the collection of history. Relative and absolute contraindications and their effect on the color and residue of the pigment.
  6. How to properly prepare the patient for the procedure.
  7. The correct selection of equipment in PM, depending on the type of skin.
  8. Age skin. The nuances of work.
  9. Features of work in the area of ​​the scalp.
  10. Features of the procedure, the selection of pigment in the area of ​​the nipple-areolar complex.
  11. Allergic reactions. The reaction of the immune system to the introduction of various dyes. Analysis of difficult situations.
  12. Postprocedural care from a medical point of view. Vaseline or Aevit ??? General biological laws of healing.
  13. All about anesthesia. Overview of anesthesia. All about the new products. How you can do the secondary yourself.
  14. All about the remover.

📲Telephone for recording at the seminar: (067) 402-49-57