Skin aging and how to deal with it

Skin aging is both natural and inevitable process. And no matter how much we ourselves or our customers would like, the pill of youth was never invented. However, humanity is taking leaps and bounds in the direction of prolonging the youth and beauty of man. You, as experts in the beauty industry, probably understand what this is about, but we will still talk about these points again.

Types and causes of skin aging is a functional change in the skin, muscles, subcutaneous fat, connective tissue and, as a result, a change in facial contours.

The skin becomes less elastic and elastic, the tone of facial muscles decreases, the amount of subcutaneous fat decreases. Clarify that we are talking about age-related aging. We are not talking about aging, triggered by the wrong lifestyle, bad habits, stress, UV radiation, although most of these reasons are an integral part of the lifestyle of a modern person. At first glance, the aging process is universal, because every person is subject to it, but it can be conditionally divided into 4 types. We’ll talk about them.

  • Tired morphotype. The skin loses its tone, becomes dry and dull. There is an increase in nasolabial folds, wrinkles appear in the corners of the mouth. The effect of a tired face appears. Shallow wrinkled morphotype. The skin is thinning, but the muscle tone is pretty good, so the skin lends itself to slight sagging.
  • Deformation morphotype. The effect of puffiness is created. The skin is flabby, especially the lower part of the face. But wrinkles and pigmentation are rare. The skin is thick and shiny.
  • Muscle morphotype. More characteristic of Asians. Pigmentation is broken, folds of the eyelids appear, nasolabial folds are clearly manifested. But the contour of the face is preserved until old age.

Cosmetic prophylaxis of aging.

A person cannot avoid the aging process. However, they can be slowed down. A qualified specialist should inform the client about this possibility and be able to perform a set of procedures for the prevention of aging. The simplest, most basic of them are comprehensive care, as well as cosmetic prevention of aging: peels, masks and massages. If you do not own any of these techniques, then hurry up to catch up. This will allow you to master new useful skills and increase your popularity among customers. Training in cosmetic procedures will help you navigate the causes and processes of skin aging, and also effectively influence them. Pilling training has a separate place. At first glance, a simple and painless procedure without the necessary theoretical base can become quite complex and problematic. Similarly, massage training. Only a qualified specialist is able to perform facial massage effectively, with a visible result and without harm to the skin and muscles of the face. If you are interested in the cosmetic prevention of skin aging, we recommend that you take the training course “COSMETOLOGY | DAY TRAINING FORM. ” For 4 weeks, a huge world of a sought-after and prestigious profession will open before you. Qualified European-level teachers will deeply immerse you in the world of cosmetology.

Injection methods for the prevention of skin aging But what if skin aging occurs rapidly?

If cosmetic prophylaxis does not give a result, and the client so wants to extend his youth?

The answer is obvious – to learn new horizons of your profession. Today, there is a wide range of injection methods: mesotherapy, biorevitalization, correction of facial wrinkles (botulinum therapy), contouring. Each of the methods has its advantages and is used in certain cases and with certain signs of aging. Self-study of the specifics of drugs and techniques of injection procedures is completely impossible, but the transfer of experience from qualified teachers or more experienced colleagues is the right decision! Before you take a step towards injection techniques, you must realize that from now on you need to constantly improve your knowledge and skills; Do not be shy to ask and ask for help from colleagues; you need to navigate in all preparations, the intricacies of their use, and even more so in contraindications to them; and be sure that soon they will call you sorceresses, because only magic and injection techniques can prolong human beauty =)

Where can I study and improve my skills?

So, if you still decide to learn beauty injections, then chop yourself on the nose (no matter how rude it may sound):

  • Exceptionally first-class drugs;
  • Exceptionally qualified teachers and training events;
  • Exclusive responsibility for patients.

The “Cosmotrade” Beauty Business School offers the “COSMETOLOGY | TRAINING” program. In 3 days of intensive training, you will master a new field of activity, hone your skills and gain invaluable experience in the prevention of skin aging. However, we draw your attention to the fact that this course is designed for specialists with higher medical education. For specialists with secondary medical and pharmaceutical education, a course is available with the study of two techniques in 2 days: mesotherapy and biorevitalization. For masters without any medical education, we also provided an option. Which one? Read more on the site.

In addition, only now you can get an additional discount of up to 1600 UAH to comprehensive training 2in1: COSMETOLOGY COURSE + INJECTION METHODS. Training in injection techniques is promising, prestigious and as a result – money!