Success Story by Irina Zadorozhnaya

Irina – a graduate of the Cosmotrade Business School managers’ course

I am the head of a beauty salon and am proud of it. As I have achieved what I have been going for most of my life. And, of course, Cosmotrade owes part of its success, it would be a hundred times more difficult to do everything right in starting up a business without it. They gave me invaluable knowledge, which I have put into practice in full. I opened my Beauty ART salon. Honestly speaking, firstly I ran into the problem of staff turnover: it was very difficult to find staff, reliable stylists, an intelligent administrator. But nowadays everything is fine, I am very pleased with my staff. The salon was completely paid off in early 2012, and now we get a good profit.

If you have a GOAL – achieve it at all costs, even if it is difficult or it seems that nothing will work out – do not give up! Nobody says it will be easy, but the result is worth it! Good luck!