Success Story byTatyana Chernysheva

Hello. I am a dermatologist and now also a cosmetologist from Odessa. I was trained at the Cosmotrade cosmetology courses in April 2016. The quality of training is high, the girls-administrators are very friendly, always going forward. Special thanks to the accompanying manager Anastasia – she is a real “mother” for students. Speaking about the learning process: If there are both goal and a desire to get knowledge and skills, you can get them here, which I have done, using them actively, and replenishing the family budget. I have completed a general cosmetology course, injection techniques, massage, shugaring. You can and should work IMMEDIATELY at the end of the courses until the skills have died out, it’s like foreign languages ​​… Therefore, I recommend Cosmotrade courses for everyone who wants to join the world of beauty wishing you both material and moral prosperity in this sphere.