About teacher

Certified teacher of the “Cosmotrade”European Beauty Business School, winner of the Permanent Style of Ukraine championship in the nomination “Arrow with Feathering”, speaker of both scientific and practical conferences “Malyovnicha Krasa” and “Estet Beauty”, specialist in the removal of permanent makeup and tattoo using laser and remover, author of articles in Permanent magazine. You can see the works of the methodologist Lisitskaya Victoria in the Gallery.


  • 2005 – Kharkov Humanitarian University “People’s Ukrainian Academy” – Business Economics
  • 2005 – the “Knowledge”Training center , specialization – decorative cosmetology and makeup
  • 2011 – the “Magnifique”Beauty school, specialty – beautician
  • 2014 – the “Knowledge”Training center, specialty – “Permanent makeup and tattooing”
  • 2014 – workshop by Julia Konstantinova, “Lips, eyebrows”
  • 2014 – workshop by Elena Onika, “Lips, eyebrows gradient, arrows”
  • 2015 – workshop by Olga Nesmyan, “Lips, arrows”
  • 2015 – workshop by Victoria Tomashivsky, “Camouflage, paramedical direction, Nude lips”
  • 2015 – workshop by Moshe Aul, “Restoration of areoles and trichopigmentation”
  • 2015 – workshop by Natalia Massnoy, “Arrow with color shading, eyebrows of the Esteal technique, lips, contourless technique”
  • 2014 – workshop by Lyudmila Zayats, “6D manual technique eyebrows”


  • Eyebrows – hairs, 3-6D effect, soft shading, gradient, Esteal
  • Lips – lipstick effect, full filling, Nude, outline and back techniques, 3D Effect, liplight
  • Eyelids – inter-eyelash filling, classic and glamorous arrow, shading arrow, shadow, color arrow
  • Breast recovery areola, trichopigmentation
  • The basics of medical knowledge
  • Fundamentals of medical knowledge

How we teach

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