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Graduated from A.A. National Medical University Bogomolets (1999). Being a member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology and the Ukrainian Association of Dermatovenerologists. Having both visited and participated in medical conferences on dermatological, allergological, immunological topics, mastered the technique of both donor and therapeutic plasmapheresis. Having the appropriate certificates. Annually takes part in the All-Ukrainian Day of Melonoma. Owning modern methods of diagnosis and patients’ treatment with dermatological pathology, gives an excellent result being combined with many years of experience in practical medicine. Using the following drugs: IAL-SYSTEM, RESTYLANE, DYSPORT, JUVEDERM. She was trained in plasmolifting with the founder of the method, Renat Rashidovich Akhmerov, and successfully applies it in practice in both aesthetic and therapeutic practice (rejuvenation, treatment of skin and hair problems).

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