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Injection techniques are a popular trend among cosmetology customers, which gives quick results. This is a good way for a cosmetologist to increase the audience of their clients and reach a fundamentally different level of service and quality of services. Therefore, we pay so much attention to this course.

The course of injection cosmetology is a training in a group of cosmetic procedures being based on the introduction of the drug with a needle. The most common techniques among injection procedures in cosmetology are biorevitalization, mesotherapy, contour plastic. With the help of injection procedures, your clients quickly get the desired effect of freshness and skin tightening, wrinkle removal, facial contouring and lip augmentation.

The course of injection techniques is available in full ONLY FOR COSMETOLOGISTS WITH HIGHER MEDICAL EDUCATION. It is important to know, because without proper education, you will not be able to pass it anywhere in Ukraine. FOR STUDENTS WITH SECONDARY MEDICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL EDUCATION a complex of 2 methods is available in 2 days:

  • Mesotherapy
  • Biorevitalization.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE MEDICAL EDUCATION – do not despair. We have the best cosmetology school in Ukraine, and you can definitely find for COSMETOLOGY COURSES (<< view >>) for yourself, which will help you expand the list of your services and increase income from one working day. Moreover, we give an opportunity to work with classy European cosmetics, working out all cosmetology courses on models and acquiring additional knowledge in cosmetology.

TEACHING. The course includes theory and compulsory practice. You are provided with everything you need for training: teaching aids, supplies and drugs. Please note that all drugs used in our school are of premium quality brands. Only European, only proven.

You will have the opportunity to see the drugs’ effect and make sure that working with high-quality materials is not only a great pleasure, but also always a happy client becoming a source of good reviews and recommendations for you.

You practice the practical part with the models provided by our school. You only need to have a medical gown (available at school) or a suit and a change of shoes.

WHO RUNS THE COURSES? The courses are conducted exclusively by practitioners, experienced physicians, participants in conferences and exhibitions. Teachers being aware of how to teach and who enjoy their profession. Employees of the “AnaKosmo” clinic.

How can we help you become a beautician?

Send an application, and we will help you determine together which course is more effective to start training in order to become a certified cosmetologist. We will give you all the necessary information, you will have the opportunity to get a good discount!

Do not wait until time passes. Get started now!

*Discounts on the first starting purchase for Kosmotrade graduates

Also for Kosmotrade graduates there are special prices for further education

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15 July 2020

I have been waiting for this course for a long time !!! Thank you very much for always hearing your customers and finding such a great approach to everyone !!!) I look forward to meeting you !!!